Eric Johanson - Burn It Down

Jeff McCarty - STEP OUT

Dash Rip Rock - Dash Does Shaver


Damon Fowler - Whsikey Bayou Sessions *COMING IN JUNE 2018*

*Whiskey Bayou Music*

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We are in the heat of summer and it's bound to get much hotter with two new releases from two Guitar Ace / songwriters Damon Fowler and Eric McFadden. These Artists have had legendary careers and we are looking forward to highlighting some of the best music that they have ever recorded. There will be more Whiskey Bayou Record Revue's featuring Whiskey Bayou Artist joining Tab Benoit Tour dates throughout the year. Until then catch Eric Johanson appearing with Tab Benoit on select summer dates.

Stay tuned for two new signing announcements coming up later in May.

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